Safaris from Mombasa

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Safari from Mombasa can be by air or road, depending on the destination.

For beach holiday lovers, Mombasa beach guarantees you total relaxation. The resorts are a hive of activities ranging from sunbathing, water sports, fishing, and googling to windsurfing, all adding to sheer relaxation. To enhance your vacation excitement, you may visit the neighboring islands on a day trip in a sailboat. Our list of tours and safaris from Mombasa will be worth looking at. A combination of beach and Kenya safari adventure has continually been a famous delight.

Mombasa, by the 15th century, this vital port was a city with established trade routes to China, Persia, and India. Today Mombasa city continues to be the largest port in East Africa, serving most countries in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Zaire, and Kenya. The population is approaching half a million, with 70% African descent and a small minority of Asians and Europeans.

Over the centuries, Mombasa town has struggled with several foreigners who have invaded the city. The Portuguese and the Omanis have all claimed Mombasa since the 12th century. In 1988, the British East Africa Company set their head office in Mombasa city. The British leased a stretch of the coast, and their rule became official in 1895.

The British built a railway in 1901 from Mombasa to Uganda.

Mombasa city remains one of Africa’s significant links to the rest of the world. A natural harbor surrounds Mombasa. The mainland north and south of the city boast many tourist resorts. Within the town, a traveler has numerous opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Fort Jesus is perhaps Mombasa’s most prominent attraction, as it dominates the harbor entrance. This Portuguese stronghold was built in 1593 to fend off local enemies and Turkish warships. It is a monumental piece of architecture built in the 16th century by the Portuguese. The fort has a museum that provides an exciting tour back through history and displays various artifacts from the era when w In addition, the Omani House, located in the northwestern corner of the fort, has fascinating displays of Swahili life and breathtaking views over the old town.

Mombasa Old Town features a smattering of styles and traditions common to coastal Swahili villages and late 19th-century Indian and British colonial architecture. Although its history goes back centuries, most houses in Old Town are generally at most 100 years old. Nevertheless, many of these buildings were modeled on ancient Swahili designs, featuring intricately carved doors and door frames. The Muslim influence can also be seen in the balconies’ construction, support brackets, and detailed latticework. This area of Mombasa is well worth exploring.


Enjoy seafood dinner on board a dhow with entertainment by a resident band.


Tour the historic Mombasa Island on a dhow cruise. This full-day activity takes you to a floating market and other sights along the coastline.

Bamburi Nature Trail

The Bamburi Nature Trail is an animal sanctuary in Mombasa located in Bamburi on the north coast. The Nature Trail boasts a variety of reptiles, animals, insects, and a botanic garden. It is enjoyable to take a nature walk coming across nature. Educational videos are also shown. Initially, the trail was stripped of its resources through stone mining. Then, it was redesigned and made life again with many flora and fauna species.

Bombolulu :

The Bobmbolulu workshops located on the north coast of Mombasa were founded in 1969 by the Association for the Physically challenged in Kenya (APDK). It attracts Tourist local and internal and consists of a Cultural Centre with eight traditional homesteads. The Centre has a restaurant that enjoys their meals being entertained with traditional dances. The Centre employs 150 disabled craftsmen/women who produce leather crafts, jewelry, and handprinted textiles. Most of their product has won a heart of 20 countries that export the products from Kenyan most reliable exporters.

Gedi Ruins

On the way to Malindi is gedi ruins, a town which has a history back to the 15th century and was built from rocks and stones. A rich Sultan ruled this town. Here is a tour with knowledgeable guides showing the original rocks and preserved stones. 

mamba village

Mombasa Mamba Village is one of its kind in East Africa. From the eggs to the crocodile babies, they were followed by crocodile meat. 

Highlight: A visit to the crocodile farm divided into age groups watching the crocodiles fighting for food during mealtime, followed by crocodile meat at the Mamba restaurant.


Cross over to Wasini Island in a boat as a host of dolphins greets you. A guided tour of the island follows before a seafood lunch. The afternoon is packed with water games, which include snorkeling, etc. Return to your hotel before sunset.

Accommodation on your Beach holiday

Mombasa has many hotels along its white sandy beaches and in the heart of town. The best hotels are located along the North Coast, where hotel rooms are just yards away from the warm sandy beaches. Most newer hotels are situated on the South Coast and further along the North Coast.

All the hotels have their themes, which they express in their unique layout and services. During the day, visitors are kept busy by engaging in the assortment of activities that hotel staff plans for all age groups. Trips to nearby attractions, tours of the Town, Safari trips, Deep Sea Fishing charters, and other water-based activities are only some of a long list of activities in that one can participate. In addition, many hotels also have recreational facilities such as gymnasiums and tennis courts.

Nightly entertainment is provided daily and usually consists of an array of intriguing performances by local artists, such as fire eating, tribal dances, and breathtaking acrobatic shows. Hotels typically have several bars located over the breath of the hotel, and some even have their clubs on their premises.


Travel to Tsavo West National Park. After two hours from Mombasa, you are already on your morning game drive. Your meals and overnight will be at Kilaguni Lodge.

Mzima Springs, the Chyulu Hills, the Shetani Lava Flow, and the game will undoubtedly make it a worthwhile outing. Finally, on the second day, you will cross to the foot of the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro.

During our safari drives, you are guaranteed to see the enormous herds of elephants amid various plains games. On the third day, you will depart after breakfast and head South to the most significant national park, Tsavo East. Game drives and return to Mombasa on the fourth day.

Afternoon safari in the park. Overnight and meals at a lodge/camp.

Morning and afternoon safari in this park is dominated by lions known as man-eaters. It is also home to several elephants. Retire for the night at the lodge/camp.

After breakfast, it continues to Amboseli National Park, home to elephants. The park is dominated by elephant search and has the right to the road. Afternoon safari at the foot of the giant mountain Kilimanjaro. Retire for the night at a lodge or camp.

The day was spent exploring the park, searching for lions, rhinos, and leopards. In the evening or early morning, it will be easy to see the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Retire for the night at a lodge/camp.

Early morning safari, breakfast, and drive back to Mombasa.

The trip cost US$ 1750 PER PERSON SHARING

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Pick-up or Drop-off service from and to Airport
  • Transportation to and from safari!!
  • Food all along the trip(Lunch, Dinner, and breakfast, and at 4 pm, a cup of coffee or tea) and accommodations during the trip in hotels or camp with a family environment
  • Transportation, food, accommodation, and English-speaking Guide during the trip. Other language guides on request with extra charges.

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • International Airfare
  • Visa Charges
  • Hotel Expenses(In Nairobi, some packages do include hotel expenses)
  • Your travel and medical insurance
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry, titbits, etc
  • Food and accommodations in Nairobi
  • Services not mentioned or not promised by the agent/agency
  • Emergency expenses, such as expenses on chartered helicopters.
  • All the required entrance fees in the park

Frequently asked Questions

Can the safari from Mombasa includes Masai mara?

Yes, the safari from Mombasa can include Masai Mara.

How much is a safari from Mombasa to Masai Mara?

A road safari from Mombasa to Masai mara is approximately US$375 per person daily.

Are there flight from Mombasa to Masai Mara?

Yes, there are scheduled flights from Mombasa to Masai mara.

Can we go to Masai Mara by air?

Yes, it is possible to go to Masai Mara by air

Safari from Mombasa to Masai mara is it child friendly?

To avoid long traveling with the children, you can go by air.

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