Buffalo Facts

How many buffalo species are there?

Buffalos have only one species in Africa. The buffalo’s life span is up to 23 years. Male (bulls) buffalo fight a lot for dominance, and sometimes they clash with each other to death. 

As buffalo age, they change from black to dark gray, and the young are reddish. The forest bulls are usually red even as they get older. Both males and females have heavy curved horns, which they can use as a weapon against the enemy. Also, the males use the horns to fight each other for dominance. 

African buffalo
African buffalo

Are the African buffalo and Asian water buffalo the same?

They have triangular-shaped horns in cross-section (as opposed to round-shaped ones in cattle and bison). In addition, in the African buffalo’s skull, the vomer and palatine bones remain separate, while in the water buffalo, they are fused—stout legs to support its ox-like body.

Is Buffalo a big five?

Buffalo is considered one of the “big five,” a term grouping them with leopards, rhinoceroses, elephants, and lions as the most dangerous animals to hunt in Africa. 

Where are buffalos found?

Buffalos are found in Africa, British Columbia, Canada, Idaho, California, Montana, South Dakota, Alaska, Alaska, and Texas.

Buffalo is a big animal that can weigh up to 1900 pounds and be aggressive even towards lions, making it one of the best feared by lions and poachers.

What do buffalos feed on?

The main diet for the buffalo is grass, legumes, and straw. They mostly look for food in the early morning, late evening, and night.

Do buffalos sleep?

When it is hot, they rest in a shade though they sleep only 1 hour a day.

When it rains and the storm strikes, buffalo are known to charge toward the storm and go through it. Buffalo is known to be aggressive, especially during mating season, mainly in April and May or July to August. And can be very dangerous and can even attack a vehicle.

Why do birds hang on buffalo?

Buffalo, like domestic cows, are known to be attacked by ticks attracting birds to eat them. As they hang on the buffalo, it is also known to alert their host to potential danger.

Where can I see buffalo in Africa?

If you plan to visit Africa, especially Kenya, the Nairobi National Park is just 10 miles from the city center, and you are guaranteed to see a buffalo.


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