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Book an affordable African Safari Package - 10 Best African budget safari tours

Compare budget safaris and Lodge African safari package destinations

Budget safari in Kenya will cost around US$ 200 per day, while luxury safari lodges depend on accommodation from USD300 to USD3000 per day. The price does not include any flights and an entry visa.

Visit Kruger National Park in Southern Africa, Masai Mara National Reserve, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, gorilla tracking in Uganda, and Victoria Falls in Botswana. South Africa and East Africa are the best wildlife safaris and sightseeing choices.

Affordable Safari Tours in Kenya National Park

Compared to other wildlife Safari countries, Kenya is a perfect budget safari destination. The sightseeing is fantastic, including the great migration, the big five, big cats and many species of birds. The safari experience in this country is a rewarding dream come true. You can choose from the affordable safari packages on this website, or we can tailor-make one just for you.

cheap budget camp

Cheap budget Camp

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luxury camp tent

Luxury tented camp

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Budget African Safari reviews

The transfer to the safari game drive will be in a van or 4×4 land cruiser with an open roof for better game viewing during the rainy season. The safari vehicle can accommodate up to 7 clients at a go. The driver guide will guide the game drives.

Kenya In East Africa is a good destination for budget safari tours. Whether in a big or small group, camping will be ideal, especially during the peak season when accommodation is not guaranteed in the lodges. At the same time, when you are on a tight budget and dream of an African Safari tour, budget camping is for you.

An all-inclusive three-day budget safari trip can cost $600, at least $170, or $200 daily. Whichever way you plan your safari, whether through a tour operator or on an individual basis, you need to know the number of days you will be on safari.


The Big cat

When we use the word “big cat,” we refer to the members of the genus Panthera; lion, tiger, jaguar, and Leopard;
Masai mara safari

Masai Mara safari

The Big Five animals of Africa include the African elephant, rhinoceros, lion, leopard, and buffalo.

Tour operator with the best deals on Cheap safari 

These cheap African safaris are meant to give you a taste of real nature. The tent is set up inside the African bush and next to roaring lions and elephants. We set a fire around the camp to keep the animals away. For the best deals that suit your budget, we are the best tour operator for a safari in Africa.

Budget accommodation in the camp

The visitors will help set up the camp as this is temporary camping. This safari option is teamwork and helps in Team building.

Bathing in the budget safari vs. luxury safari

The toilets and bathroom are outside your budget safari tent. Thus, going out at night will be fun, and the moon will guide you. While in the luxury lodges, all is in your rooms. The cheap camping adventure is for everyone, regardless of age. All you need is a spirit of adventure and your camera.

Food in the budget safari 

Our budget safari c chef will prepare and serve the food in our big tent. The chef is experienced and trained, so any special request will be catered to. Vegetarians are also considered in the food budget.

Book an affordable African safari.

To reserve your budget safari, click on our inquiry form for more information.

Can I go on a budget safari to Serengeti?

From Arusha to Serengeti is 4 hour’s drive; thus, a minimum of three days camping safari is recommended.

Are budget tours the only type of safari you do?

For luxury tours, click our contact form for more details.

Is it possible to do a budget safari in Masai Mara?

Doing a three or more-day safari in Masai Mara is possible.

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