Top Best Day Trips from Nairobi

Kenya is a country in East Africa blessed with natural wealth, lake lands, and mountain highlands. It is home to wildlife, including lions, elephants, buffalos: leopards, and other famous wildlife and birds. From Nairobi national park to the famous Masai Mara safari reserve, renowned for its annual wildebeest migrations, It also boasts white sand beaches. It is a haven for everyone, and visitors carry unforgettable memory.

Book the best day trips from Nairobi.

Kenya is blessed with a lot of natural wealth from the Great Migration, the big five, the big cats, and cultures to the sun-kissed beaches and is top rated as the best safari destination in Africa. Nairobi day trips will give you a taste of what Kenya has to offer, and you will have one of the best day tour experiences and enjoy Nairobi day tours. Keep off the stress out of planning; our tour company offers free transfers from the Airport for morning game drives.

8 Best Day Trips in Nairobi

Nairobi National Park Safari
from US$105

Nairobi National Park half-day trip

Just at the doorstep of Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi Safari Park. The Park boasts an array of wildlife and bird life. Only the elephant is an absentee. The Nairobi River passes inside the Park and boasts Hippos and crocodiles. Nairobi Park is unique in all ways. A park tour will take 4 hours in the early morning or afternoon. You will have a chance to spot: Buffalo, leopards, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, and many more Birds: Nairobi Park is a good place for birding too, and you will experience what the city has to offer.

giraffe manor Nairobi Kenya
from US$80

Giraffe Centre half-day trip

The Giraffe Centre, built-in 1932 by Sir David Duncan, is surrounded by 140 acres of Park and forest thirty minutes from the Nairobi city center, with superb views of the Ngong Hills. In 1974 Jock Leslie-Melville, grandson of a Scots earl, and his American wife Betty founded the African Fund.

Wildlife (AFEW) bought the Centre. They then moved two baby Rothschild giraffes to the estate, where they thrived and produced several generations of giraffes.

baby elephant orpharnage in Kenya
from US$80
tea plantation Kenya
from US$80

David Sheldrick half-day

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is based in Nairobi, Kenya, with the head office in Tsavo East National Park. The conservation partners are vital in protecting Africa’s threatened wildlife and conserving habitats. At the same time, corporate friends support the Trust in many ways, from the percentage of sales contributions to skills sharing, all intending to give back to wildlife. The afternoon tour will give you a chance to get a kiss from a giraffe as you feed them.

Half-day Tea farm visit

You will be transferred to the tea farm arriving at 11.00 am. The farm’s history and process of making tea are informally explained, followed by an opportunity to see tea in the field and have a cup of tea. 

Then take a walk in the forest with the farm resident manager. Finally, look out for the Colobus monkeys close up and wander in the gardens, home to various birds, flora, and fauna.

Return to the house for a buffet lunch prepared fresh from the garden.

Nairobi city tour
from US$70

Half-day City Tour

The tour covers the Nairobi city center, the city market, Parliament buildings, the railway station, snake park, and the renowned national museum with spell bindings displays of the early man, tribal regalia, and flora and fauna. 

Cultural dances in Kenya
from US$70

Half-Day Cultural Tour in Nairobi

Discover Kenya’s rich cultural diversity on this tour to Bomas of Kenya, A guided tour of the traditional village representing some Kenya tribes before enjoying cultural dances in Kenya, music, and storytelling performances to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of Kenyan cultural life.

Nairobi National Park
from US$190

Nairobi park-baby elephant orphanage- giraffe center – full-day tour

A whole-day tour of the Nairobi park, giraffe center, and orphanage. The best time to see the wildlife in Nairobi Park is early morning or late evening. The tour of the Nairobi skyline starts at 6 am from your hotel and drives to Nairobi Park. You will be out by 10.30 am and proceed to the orphanage for just 1-hour show. Proceed for lunch at the giraffe manor and enjoy feeding the giraffe at around 3 pm, followed by a transfer back to your hotel.

from US$60

Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum was once a coffee plantation fam. Karen introduced a coffee plantation in Kenya, and she died. The Denmark government donated the home to the Kenya government as a museum. Set in the Karen suburb, the museum provides an insight into the person Karen. In addition, the garden gives a nature of reflection into our personal life. Karen’s life was complicated; she was the Denmark Author and a Kenyan colonizer.

2 Day trips 

  1. Two days one night in Masai mara park
  2. One  night in Tsavo national park
  3.  Lake Nakuru Park a day

Can we go for a day safari from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park?

Going for a day trip to Amboseli is possible though overnight is recommended for a good time for a game drive.

Updated day trips from Nairobi

There are several other tours from Nairobi, depending on your interest and time limit. 

Nairobi National Park trip
from US$80

Rhino Sanctuary Half-Day from Nairobi Airport

Nairobi Safari Park is one of the most successful of Kenya’s rhino sanctuaries. And visitors are guaranteed to see an endangered black rhino in its natural habitat.

Another thing to note is that Nairobi Park is the only National so close to the city in the world.

Another thing to note is that Nairobi Park is the only National so close to the city in the world.

Mount Longonot
from US$190

The Volcano Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot is near Lake Naivasha in Kenya, East Africa. Longonot comes from a Masai name Oloonong’ot, meaning “mountains of many ridges.”It is argued that Longonot last erupted in the 1860s.

A unique feature is a thick forest within the Mountain’s crater and rock climbing.

The trek to the top of this scenic crater starts at the floor of the Rift Valley. Then rising to the first resting point revealing for the first time the picturesque surrounding. Kijabe Hill to the right, the Eburu Forest straight on, and parts of Lake Naivasha can also be seen from this point.

The trails lead through the steepest and most trying mountain section through the acacia shrub to stand at the rim of the 7.2 Km extinct volcano crater. This day’s hike is challenging; you must bring plenty of water, but also rewarding, forgetting the city skyscrapers and appreciating nature.

from US$190

Hells Gate and Lake Naivasha National Park 1 day

Close to Nairobi, Less than 60 miles, lies a freshwater Lake Naivasha along the Great Rift Valley. The Lake and its surrounding at Hell’s gate national park host a variety of wildlife and more than 400 species of birds and fish. However, the uncontrolled use of Lake Naivasha water for irrigation is reducing the water level and raising concerns about the future of the Lake. 

Hells Gate National Park

Visit Hell’s Gate National Park and take a boat to the island.

Lake Nakuru National Park
from US$220

Lake Nakuru National Park Day Trips Rift Valley

The Park is along the Great Rift Valley and is a bird sanctuary. Enjoy the diversity of the bird sanctuary at the lakeshore and the wildlife. The Park is home to endangered black and white rhinos and other wildlife in Kenya. Only the elephant is an absentee. Lake Nakuru is a small Park but very interesting. Leave Nairobi early and get to the Park at around 10.00 am. Drive in the Park to see plenty of wildlife. Have lunch in one of the lodges, and drive back to Nairobi in the evening.

lake magadi
from US$150

Lake Magadi Soda Lake Day Trip

Olorgesailie’s pre-historic site is world-renowned as the “factory of stone tools” & the only place in the world with the most significant preserved biological & cultural evidence about the evolution of man. Lake Magadi is along the rift valley, north of Lake Natron in Tanzania, a catchment of faulted volcanic. 

Driving 2hours from Nairobi, enter the Lake Magadi soda lake reserve area and continue onto the hot springs, where you stop for lunch, birding, and wading in the hot alkaline water springs (if the weather is not too hot) -sit in and soak in the hot mineral water.

swara plains conservancy outskirts of Nairobi
from US$120

Swara plains conservancy

Swara plains conservancy Athi River in the outskirts of Nairobi: Take a trip to the little-known Swara plains wildlife conservancy situated on the Kapiti plains, 35 kilometers southwest of the capital, Nairobi, just off the main Nairobi Mombasa highway.

The 20,000 acres ranch is IDEAL for cycling, nature walk, and game drives:

  • Wide open savannah grasslands.
  • Tall yellow fever trees.
  • Endless plains wildlife views: Over 3000 residents population of easy-to-see plains game: big herds of Oryx, Elads, wildebeests, giraffes, monkeys, hartebeest, zebras, antelope, grants and Thompson gazelles, warthog, and the occasional gerenuk and rare Cheetahs and leopards.
  • Over 200 species of birds include hoopoes, sunbirds, lovebirds, waxbills, starlings, hornbills, boubous, white-bellied canary, red-cheeked cordon-bleu, and crested francolin, among others.

Swara plains conservancy is part of the Tsavo and Amboseli eco-system. Only elephants, Rhinos, and Buffalos are absentees compared to parks in Kenya.


Leave Nairobi or Airport early in the morning. It is a 47 minutes drive from the city center. Once you arrive, spend the day in either game viewing on a nature walk, cycling, or game drives. Whatever way you prefer, you are guaranteed to see the animals, which will take the stress off and allow you to enjoy nature. Lunch is served at Swara camp. Evening nature walks before driving back to Nairobi.

sweet waters park kenya
from US$480

Mount Kenya Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Sweet Waters 2-day safari

2 Days/ 1 Night Sweetwaters Flying Safari

The sweet waters at Mount Kenya are known for their chimpanzee sanctuary. 2 Days/ 1 Night Sweetwaters Flying Safari is for those with limited time but who wish to experience what Africa Safari can offer. The Sweetwaters Game Reserve is an hour’s flight from Nairobi. The safari will allow you to watch Africa’s Big Five and other wildlife in the Ol-Pejeta Conservancy.

Depart Nairobi and travel north, where you drive past pineapple, coffee, and banana plantations to Karatina, where you will find a large market believed to be the largest in East Africa; proceed to the sweet waters game reserve/ranch and chimp in the one-square-kilometer sanctuary. 

Amboseli photo safari elephants
from US$500

Amboseli National Park 2-day safari 

The Safari Park, with underground water from the volcanic Mount Kilimanjaro, has few water springs which feed the wildlife in the Park; However, the weather is unpredictable, and during the dry season, it can turn to drought during the rainy season and be swampy. Drive from Nairobi to Amboseli Kilimanjaro, arriving in time for lunch, and go for an afternoon game drive to see herds of elephants of all sizes. Mt. Kilimanjaro is. Overnight at a lodge or camp. 

masai mara safari
from US$600

Maasai Mara two-day safari

Escape from the city and leave Nairobi hotels to one of Africa’s most famous and vital wildlife conservancy and wilderness areas known for its hundreds of species and excellent wildebeest migration crossing the Mara River and the big five. As a result, Masai Mara is one of Africa’s most visited National reserves. Leaving Nairobi, go to Maasai Mara game reserve, arriving in time for lunch—and an afternoon safari experience of seeing the lion, leopard, hyena, and giraffe. After dinner, spend the night at a lodge or camp. The next day, before breakfast, we go for a safari, and Masai Village drives back to Nairobi after breakfast.

Masai Village Day tour

Wildlife and birds are not the only exciting part of Masi Mara; the Maasai people live inside the Park and embrace their cultural way of life. A day trip in the Masai village is recommended before embarking on Nairobi.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the best day trips in Nairobi?

The best day trips in Nairobi:

Visit Nairobi National Park, Sheldrick elephant orphanage, and giraffe center.

How can I spend 1 day in Nairobi?

The Best day trips are as follows:

If you have only a day in Nairobi, you can visit

  1. Nairobi National park
  2. baby elephant orphanage
  3. Giraffe center
  4. Nairobi City Tour
  5. National Museum and snake park
  6. Lake Nakuru park
  7. Lake Naivasha park
I have only two days in Nairobi. Where can I go?
For two days in Nairobi, you can do a lot.
  1. One day one night in Amboseli National Park
  2. Two days one night in Masai mara park
  3. One  night in Tsavo national park
  4.  Lake Nakuru National Park a day
  5.  Mount Kenya Park overnight
Can I go to Masai Mara in a day?

You can go to Masai Mara in 1 day and one night.

Other Unique Tour experience

There are several other tours from Nairobi, depending on your interest and time limit. Cultural tours, Hot air balloon rides, bird watching tours, hiking, and cycling, river rafting, great Migration, big cats, big five

  1. Two days one night in Masai mara park
  2. One night in Tsavo national park
  3.  Lake Nakuru Park a day
  4.  Mount Kenya Park overnight
  5. Can I go to Masai Mara in a day?
  6. You can go to Masai Mara in 1 day and one night.

Can we go for a day safari from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park?

Going for a day trip to Amboseli is possible though overnight is recommended for a good time for a game drive.

Updated day trips Tours from Nairobi

There are several other tours from Nairobi, depending on your interest and time limit. Walking tours, private tours, natural tours, Hot air balloon rides, bird watching tours, hiking, cycling, river rafting, great Migration, big cats, and big five.

All the mentioned trips can be on a group or private tour, but the prices will be adjusted according to the number of people. The tour includes Transport on safari, accommodation in the lodge/camp, lunch, or three meals a day as per the itinerary minimum of four people.

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