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big cat tours in Kenya leopard

When we talk of “Big Cats,” we refer to lions, cheetahs, leopards, tigers, Cougar, and jaguars.

Three of those mentioned above, Lion, Leopard, and cheetah, are found in Kenya and other parts of Africa’s National parks and reserves.

Visitors to the Safari Park in Kenya have the great migration in mind; however, Kenya has more attractions than just the Great migration. The famous King of the jungle (lion) is among the big cats in Kenya. Specifically, Masai Mara boasts three famous big cats (lion, Leopard, and cheetah).


Lion the King of the Jungle

Masai mara has a population of more than 1000 lion families, making the park the big cat attraction; the lion is the most feared and known as the King of the jungle. But, no matter the season in Kenya Masai mara, you will not miss “The King of the jungle.”

big cat tour in Kenya
extensive cat tour in Kenya



Cheetahs, known to be the fastest animal in the world, can run at 100 kilometers per hour. They live in the grassland and can be found in many safari parks in Kenya. Taking advantage of their speed, cheetahs can catch almost anything they target. However, after the catch, it takes some time before eating to regain momentum after the race.
Like the other big cats in Africa, the cheetah is an enemy to the poachers because of its beautiful skin. So, YOU and ME can say no to poachers and support the locals who protect the cats.


big cat tours in Kenya leopard
big cat tours in Kenya leopard

Leopard, the most beautiful and elegant cat 

The Lepard is considered the most beautiful and elegant cat; unlike lions, leopards are skilled climbers—during the day, you find them on a tree and rocky mountains. On a big cat safari in Kenya, you can see leopards in many habitats; dense forests, rocky cliffs, and vast grasslands.
The Leopard is known to be a night hunter, and you can see it in action in the evening before you end your day safari.



big cats -tyger
big cats -Tyger


Tyger is a beautiful and enormous cat.

Tiger is a member of the genus Panthera and is referred to as the large cat. It has its beauty, especially when we mention skin colors. If you do not look closely looks more like a leopard.
Tigers are found in a mangrove forest between Bangladesh and India.

It is a good hunter and mostly hunts weak animals like deer and wild boar. Unlike other big cats, Tigers rely primarily on sight and sound for hunting. A Tyger can consume more than 50 pounds of meat at one time.

Tyger matures in 4 years for females and five years for males. The life span of a Tyger is 20 years though the service is minimal. The male can be as heavy as 500 pounds. Males are usually heavier than females. Every two years, Tyger can give birth to 4 cabs.

The development activities, including forest clearing of forest, pose severe threats to Tiger habitats.
Tigers are very territorial and need vast swaths of habitat for survival.
The beauty of Tyger’s skin encourages poachers; thus, Tyger must be protected. As forests are cleared for timber and roads, Tygers are forced to leave the protected place for unprotected areas to establish new territories posing more risk for competing with human beings for survival. As they sometimes will be forced to hunt domestic animals, this brings significant conflicts with the people, and in some cases, Tygers are killed.

Another danger to the Tyger is that the forest they inhabit is a coastal forest, and as the sea level rises, it might swap the forest, killing all the remaining Tygers.

Elegant Jaguar

Jaguar is beautiful, Elegant, and proud.

Jaguar is as beautiful, Elegant, and proud as Leopard. It is also a member of Panthera and the only member living in America. Jaguar is considered significant, weighing 160 kilos grames and with a length of approximately 1.8 meters. Tiger is the King of the jungle in America and the second king of the world.
Jaguar is also a member of Panthera and the only member living in America. Jaguar is considered significant, weighing 160 kilos grames and length approximately 1.7 meters. Tiger is the King of the jungle in America and the third king of the jungle in the world after Tiger and Lion.

The estimated number of Jaguars worldwide is approximately 170,000, mainly in the Amazon forest, specifically in Brazil.
Unlike other cats, Jaguar has adapted to living in wet areas, and they love swimming in rivers, lakes, and swamps and can cross wide rivers. Tyger’s roar sounds like a sawing wood.

Jaguars are hunters and can hunt almost anything, including deer, birds, fish, tortoises, and even monkeys. When hunting, they travel miles and miles and hunt day and night.
Jaguar is considered dangerous when it comes to biting, and they can chew through crocodile or tortoise shells. Like other cats, Jaguars use their tongues to scrape meat off bones.

Jaguar mates more than 100 times a day until it is thoroughly exhausted. The pregnancy will take 14 weeks, and you can give the bird up to 4 cabs.

The Cougar is the fourth-largest cat.

The Cougar or puma is part of the Big Cat family, primarily residing in North America.
Eastern cougars were once found across North America.

It is the fourth largest cat from Lion, Tyger, and Jaguar.

They have the main prey, the white-tailed deer. With their population now dwindling, Eastern
Cougars can prey on almost anything, deer, mountain goats, and even domestic animals.
While cougars are not known to target human beings, they can attack children, thinking it is their prey.
Many people think of the Cougar as the King of the jungle. Nevertheless, Lion in Africa is the King of the jungle.

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