Africa Wild Dogs


Wild dogs are social mammals, and you can find a group between 10 to 30. They are found in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. While on safari in Kenya and Tanzania, you can sport wild dogs.
Wild dogs feed primarily on antelope; their biggest enemy is the lion.

The Africa Wild Dog is referred to as the African hunting dog, painted hunting dog, painted lycaon, and cape hunting dog. Nevertheless, the names African wild dog and painted do is widely used.


Africa wild dogs

African wild dog was first discovered by Coenraad Jacob Temminck in 1820 in Mozambique’s coastal area and named the animal hyena picta classifying it as a hyena type. Later was found as a canid by Joshua Brookes in 1827, who called it the Lycaon tricolor. Juliet disputed the classification of wild dogs.

The black-backed jackal is also called the silver-backed jackal.

The black-backed jackal lives in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Jackle suffers threats from Eagles, Leopards, and Spotted Hyenas. They hunt small antelopes and eat reptiles, insects, ground-dwelling birds, fruits, berries, and grass can be described as opportunists waiting for the big animal hunters to hunt, and they try to still the carcasses. It is the most cunning member of the dog family.

A combination of screaming and yelping is the jackal’s mode of communication with other family members, raising its head towards the sky.

Jackals can be tamed and kept in houses like domestic dogs, except that they remain shy around strange people and will not allow themselves to be petted by them. They mark the territory with their urine and feces.

The painted African wild dog or hunting dog

It is called the painted dog because of its colorful coat, large ears, and long hair tail.

By January 2020, one of the most endangered mammals in the world, only between 3000 and 5000 remaining. In Eat Africa, wild dogs are found in Kenya and Tanzania. Though in Masai mara you will discover wild dogs, due to the lion population which keeps on killing the wild dog, Laikia is a safe place for them, and you can find the best view of the wild dogs.