Deserts travel Turkana

Whether you are a photographer, a camper, a fisher, a trekker, or just an adventure Turkana desert will offer you all. It is a desert with differences. Lake Turkana, in the middle of the desert, show you fishing for the giant fishes in the world; the crocodiles have invaded the Lake and the beach. What else would you ask for in a desert trip? The travel adventure to the Turkana desert will leave your heart amazed.


Have you ever imagined yourself in a desert? Turkana desert is a desert with a difference. An endless space filled with sand, silence, and nature of its own, just a place to relieve your stress.
There are a few deserts worldwide, but each has something to offer. Whatever your interest in desert travel, it will challenge you more than any other travel.

The climate in any desert can be extreme; it will be essential to check the environment before desert adventure travels to be prepared for the clothing to wear and any gear you might need depending on the weather. Remember, the desert is unpredictable and can change without notice. Most deserts are dry and hot, but temperatures can fall sharply at night. Strong winds and sandstorms can also make your desert expedition more challenging.

In Turkana, desert weather can be scorching during the day, and you will sit a lot, putting you at a higher risk of dehydration and mineral depletion. Curry a lot of water to keep yourself safe from dehydration and avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol.

What to wear
During the day, try to have suitable clothing, while it can be cold at night, and it is advisable to be warm.
It is advisable to wear long sleeves tops and trousers with light colors and avoid black or dull colors and, if possible, cotton fabrics. Bring a warm jacket for the early morning and at night. Shielded sunglasses, face masks, and sun hat

Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake, and the basin stretches into four countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda. The lake basin is home to many rare plants and animals.
The Lake in some parts is green, and in some blue, which makes many visitors believe it is connected to the sea. As a result, crocodiles, big fish, and birds invade the Lake.

The Turkana community has adapted to the climate and enjoys life there with their cattle and goats.

In the last few years, the Kenya government has discovered oil drilling deported was founded in 2012 by the Anglo-Irish firm Tullow Oil which has aroused great interest in Kenya. Soon Kenya might be among the most significant oil supplier in the world. Turkana desert is actual desert adventure travel.